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Atari 2600

Sega 1983



Very early and strange game from now gaming-publisher gods Sega. The object of the game is to destroy the six white generators (or whatever they are) across the top of the screen. The generators are defended by tanks. Aparently also you're moving underground too.

So the game plays kind of like Dig-Dug, except you're in a tank and can shoot. The first few levels are incredibly, stupidedly easy as the enemy tanks just drive back and forth waiting for you to kill them. By level three they actually start firing back and chasing you. Like Dig-Dug you can't shoot through solid dirt, so you have to dig right up to the generators before you destroy them. Unlike Dig-Dug the enemies can dig through dirt as well as you, so you can't really avoid them and they tend to corner you. You are however a little faster than they are, at first. Eventually the enemy tanks haul ass and you have to start actually using some strategy.

Graphics are plain but adequate, sound consists of a bleep when you shoot and and bang when you blow something up/die. Only two bad guy tanks appear on the screen at once, and the screen never changes colors or anything. Not really much else to say about this game, except that it's too easy. I managed to get to like level 15 on my first try.


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