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The Quest For Qunita Roo

Atari 2600




One thing an Atari 2600 game should not be is complicated. With games this simple in the graphics and sounds department one should be able to plug it in and figure out what's going on within five seconds. Such is not the case with the Quest for Quinta Roo. I have absolutely no idea how to play this game.

As far as I can tell the game only has two screens, the pyramid screen on the left and one inner chamber on the right. Gameplay seems to be you as the white blocky man there climbing up the side of the pyramid while little green snakes walk around. I say walk around because they don't kill you if you touch them. So why are they even there? Plus a white dot shoots down the side of the pyramid, which I'm assuming is supposed to be a laser or bullet or something. It doesn't kill you either, just knocks you back to the ground.

On any particular level of the pyramid you can enter a room (that all look the same.) The point of this room seems to be to walk to the black door and exit the pyramid again. There are snakes in these rooms too but they're as useless as in the other rooms. I did find a little purple square in one of the rooms but it took me six tries to pick it up.

That's about as far as I got. There didn't seem to be any other screens, no place to use my mysterious purple box, no way to advance. I'm sure there's probably a few more screens to this game but I'm just not interested. To be fair the outside of the pyramid looks colorful (although blocky) and your little block headed man and the snakes animate in a convincing way. There's just no reason I should have to dig up a FAQ on a 2600 game. Any 2600 game that is not presented in a way to where the object of the game is immediately discernable gets a big strike against it from the onset.

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