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King Kong

Tigervision 1982

Atari 2600


Extremely sad Donkey Kong cash in from Tigervision, made with licensing from Universal pictures. Apparently after Donkey Kong became such a big hit Universal tried to sue them for copyright infringement; After they lost this game was quickly pumped out to ride on Nintendo's coat tails.

The game was rushed and it looks it. Just like DK you control a little guy who's trying to save his girlfriend from the big gorilla at the top. You do this by climbing ladders and jumping over bombs. Good luck with that though as the bombs haul ass at you and you move way too slow - jumping over one depends more on luck than skill. The bombs also climb back up after reaching the ground floor. Also King Kong occasionally randomly jumps around the screen, touch him and it's instant death. Very seldom you'll find a blue dot that transports you up a level (which is supposed to be a heart from your girlfriend, way to rip off Popeye there fellas, although this game came out first but whatever, it's still a rip off.)

King Kong looks a little small to be a 100 foot ape. He looks more like an oversized angry gingerbread man, plus he has zero animation. When he moves it's like a cardboard cut-out. Your little guy only has a two step animation, but at least he and the bombs look semi decent.

This derivative piece of crap is so chock full of bugs as to be nearly unplayable. One time I tired to jump over a bomb and ended up flying up towards the top of the screen uncontrollably, other times bombs pass right through you. Half the time you don't even jump high enough to clear them. Add to that there is just one screen to this pathetic screen... I mean come on man, what the hell were these people thinking?

A crap game from a crap movie - does anyone actually like that embarrassing hunk of retard De Laurentis shat into existence in 1976? Pathetic, just like this game. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

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