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Froggo 1987

Atari 2600



This seriously has to be the sorriest fighting game ever. Make that sorriest game ever.

The game consists of two blocky looking stickmen hitting each other. You can punch, kick, and do high kicks. Not that any of it matters as the collision detection is so sad that you can be standing not just right next to the other guy but inside of him and not register a hit. What the hell is that all about? Game play consists of walking around and hitting the other blocky-ass stickman. After somebody wins one stick man takes a victory pose while the other bows his head in shame. That's about it.

You know, this wouldn't be so bad if it came out in say, 1976. But this game was sold in 1987. This is the same year Double Dragon, Castlevaina II, and The Legend of Zelda were released. True one cannot compare NES and 2600 games side-by-side (apples and oranges) but even other 2600 games from this period were pushing the hardware to the limit, some of them like Secret Quest were starting to encroach on NES territory in depth and graphics (well maybe not graphics.) You can't even blame this game on the precrash-cash-in-on-anything-you-can-slog-out-the-door-lasiness as this was 1987, three years after the game industry was revitalized.

Just sloppy, lazy, cash-in programming resulting in the shittiest game ever. No other way to explain it.


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