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Jungle Hunt


Atari 2600

Atari 1983







Sir Dudley something or other is on a mission to save his girl from being eaten from ooga-booga cannibals. He does this by swinging on vines, getting eaten by alligators, crushed by falling rocks, and speared by tribesmen through four different screens.

The various levels use a lot of graphical tricks to do things the 2600 can't usually do (such as animating the foreground blocky legos that look like trees or coral to simulate scrolling.) Most of the important elements of the arcade game are there, the alligators, rocks, etc. There are some that are missing, the rock level takes place on flat ground instead of a hill or the 2nd level gorillas are missing from the vine level. What is there looks pretty good, character sprites are made up of more than one color (Three in some instances! Woah!) The vines animate very smoothly, just like the arcade.

Sound, not so good. There's some bleep-bleep music at the begriming, a boing when you jump, a swish-swish when you swim. The rocks make a "Glomp! Glomp!"sound.

As far as playability goes, a modern gamer should probably be able to complete it in less than five minutes. Gameplay from 1983 just doesn't hold up today. The only challenge comes with getting the timing down when jumping over the dancing natives, which anyone with a brain can probably do in about thirty seconds. Once that's done Sir Dudley lives happily ever after, you have no reason to play the game ever again, and can safely put the cart back in the big box with all the other 2600 games.

Graphics: Decent, some good animation in the vines, lots of little tricks and decent 2600 sprites.

Sound: Bleep! Glomp! Boing!

Gameplay: Not even an afternoon's diversion.

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