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Tigervision 1982

Atari 2600



Very good maze game that takes the conventions established in Pac-Man and manages to add a unique twist. You play as a pair of chattering teeth in an effort to clear the maze of candy pellets. Instead of ghosts there are spinning smiley face Jawbreakers that track you down.

The "maze" is more like a group of rows, and each one has a passageway that moves back in forth along it. So in essence the maze is constantly changing, which forces you to think ahead to avoid getting trapped. There seems to be only one enemy Jawbreaker in any particular row at any given time (which coincidently keeps the graphics from suffering any of the 2600 trademark horrible flicker that so plagued the atrocious port of Pac-man.)

Speaking of graphics they're pretty simple, but very clean and well animated. The faces on the Jawbreakers revolve around and give them a sort of 3-D effect. It doesn't look like much now but think back to 1982, this was pretty impressive for the time.

Overall a very impressive title with smooth gameplay and nifty graphics, which proved what the 2600 was actually capable of.

Graphics: Simple but flicker free and well animated.

Sound: Crunching teeth noise permeates the background and can get a little repetitive.

Gameplay: Sweet and smooth like silk.

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