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Donkey Kong

Atari 2600

Coleco (Nintendo) 1982



GAAAHHHH! What the hell is this? This is supposed to be Donkey Kong? Mario looks like he's got chicken wing arms!

Okay, okay, it's not that bad. As a 2600 translation of an arcade game, it's semi decent. Mario may look like he's got some kind of funky bird disease, but his face is still distinguishable and he animates and controls smoothly. The levels are missing a lot of the little details that made the arcade so great, like the fire in the barrel,  the bonus items, or an animated Donkey Kong, (not to mention two whole levels are missing, but no home version at the time had all the levels anyway,) but the playability is there for the most part. Barrels still come down at you, the little fire monsters attack you, you get that hammer and a little hero tune plays as you smash barrels, etc.

While this version might looks like major loads of ass, it is the only home version (at the time) to place the ladders and platforms in the right places in regards to the arcade so you could use the same strategies. You all remember how to "trick" the barrels by doublebacking then climbing the ladder after it's gone by? Same rule applies.

So yeah the system is limited, but that doesn't mean all of the games automatically suck on it. Twenty years later this translation may not be impressive but it's stil playable.


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