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Atari 2600

Atari 1982





"Arcade perfect" are not two words one would usually associate with the Atari 2600, as even back in 1979 it had some trouble with arcade conversions. It's a great machine and all but the truth is it was designed to play Pong.

So I really wasn't expecting even a halfway decent version of Bezerk at all. But I was pleasantly surprised. I would even say that this version plays better than the arcade original (however I was six years old in 1982, so my memory of the arcade game is somewhat hazy.)

For people who have never played Bezerk before, it's very simple. Run around and shoot all the robots before they kill you. Don't touch the walls or you die. Simple, yet incredibly fun and addicting. One of those games that anyone can pick up and figure out how to play in 30 seconds but only people with pure talent will be any good at. Shit man, they don't make'm like this anymore.

Plus Bezerk was one of the first games to use voice samples. So when you died (and died you did, very quickly) the game would taunt you. Like Sagat laughing at your ass but in 1982 and Sagat was a robot.

Graphics look pretty much exact. Bezerk doesn't really have complicated graphics in the first place. Just like the arcade the robots shoot each other, walk into walls, etc, but as the levels go on they get smarter, faster, and their aim gets better. Eventually as the game progresses you're running for your life as soon as the level starts.

Evil Otto the psychotic happy face of doom is also in the game. You all know Evil Otto. He's the first video game boss, ever, and he gave us all nightmares by screaming "Intruder alert!" Plus you can't kill his ass, you just have to run away. Damn you Otto, damn you to hell.

Only difference here is of course the voice is gone, but what do you expect. This machine was made to play Pong. However there are special versions of the cart that have some kind of super duper 1982 voice chip technology, so Bezerk purists can be happy.



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