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The A-Team

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As you may have noticed from my console pages, I am not a very big Atari 2600 fan. I have good memories of it as a wee one, but as they say you can never go home again. When I play it today I find the majority of games strange, confusing, and not worth it.

Case in point, the A-Team for the Atari 2600. How this game got made is just a total mystery to me. You'd think an A-team game would involve shooting terrorists or car chases or something, you know, something that has to do with the show. Instead you are what appears to be a giant floating Mr. T head that spits watermelon seeds at these nondescript little blobs that travel around on a rainbow. I must have missed the episode where this happened. All you can do is float back and forth and spit these seeds. Then for some reason I can't imagine the game switches to another screen where this guy chases you. I assume you have to shoot him or something, but I don't know becasue he gets you within three seconds and the game reverts back to the other screen. Then this repeats over and over and over again.

Ocassionally if you manage to avoid the guy on the second screen eventually a third screen is presented, where your disembodied Mr.T head shoots lazers out of it's eyes at a helicopter. Yeah that makes sense.

After five minutes of this bullshit I turned the console off, more confused than ever before. Who's idea was it to OK this game? Who actually thought this piece of shit would sell? Who sat there and said to themselves "Let's make a game with a giant floating Mr.T head that shoots watermelon seeds, we'll make a killing?" No wonder the goddamn video game industry crashed.

Graphics: You look like a Mr. T head. You can see the mohawk and everything.

Sound: The usual 2600 squwaks and bongs abound.

Gameplay: I have no freakin' clue.

Fun fact: Apparently this game was originally supposed to be called Sabotur, but was changed at the last minute to an A-Team game so they could get something to sell quickly. No wonder it sucks so much. Sabotur can be found on the recently released Atari Flashback console.

Bottom line: Not one of the highs in the 2600 library. I pity the fool who actaully bought this game.


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