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Atari 2600

M-Network (Mattel)



I was a very small child back in 1982, so I have fond memories of the 2600 (which I never owned but every other kid on the block had one.) However 23 years later I don't think it's a system that has aged very well. Most of the games are just too simple to hold my intrest for more than a few minutes.

This game makes up for lack of depth with speed. The idea is to shoot these meteors before they hit the ground. Sounds easy? It is, except they come at you really, really, really fast, so fast it's impossible to get them all. This is a game for people on crack, made before crack even existed. You can't just stay in one place and shoot in a straight line either as little spaceships show up and blow you away too. And for every one you miss your score actually goes down. Whoever thought that up himself deserves to get shot in the face with a lazer cannon.

Graphics- simple, good for the time, and amazingly flicker free for the most part. Sound consists of beeps and static, but this is the 2600 after all. This is the kind of game the 2600 is good for, fast, simple shooters/arcade style games that rely on reflexes.

And you will need lots of relexes if you plan on getting anywhere in this game. Actually, good luck just staying alive.


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