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U.S Games 1982

Atari 2600



M.A.D. plays like a combination of Missile Command and a game called Paratrooper on old PCs. You control a central gun turrent in a tower surrounding a few very blocky looking cities. Wave after wave of attacking aircraft kamakazie terrorist style into your cites, and eventually come after you.

While the graphics are simplistic they get the job done, The turrent rotates nicely, the planes look like planes, the helicopters look like helicopters, etc. The cities however leave a lot to be desired A.I. is pretty simple, the planes and helicopters seem to attack in the same patterns in every round. As you progress enemies appear faster and in greater numbers. The game tries to build tension as beeping alarm goes off and the ground flashes after all of your cities are destroyed. However the enemies seem to pretty much ignore your turrent until the cites are gone, thus when you only have one or two cites left it becomes easier to defend them, which makes the difficulty of the game actually go down. The opposite should happen. You should not be rewarded for sucking in any video game.

There's a two player simultaneous mode where your friend makes the planes attack your cities. I'm sure this was fun back in 1982.  Your turrnet can only aim in certain directions, which makes the game harder than it should be. Also if a plane hits you, one of your cities gets destroyed! What kind of crap is that?

A very simplistic shooter with some good features, but crappy graphics and wierd bugs keep it a notch below Missile Command or Atlantis.


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