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Formerly known as the Tiger Gametrac



Original "Gametrac" prototype running Tomb Raider.

High end multimedia device from Tiger Telematics (not to be confused with the Tiger that makes LCD games or the Game.com.)

Looks more like a Pocket PC than a games machine, has a processor that runs at 400 mhz, bluetooth, a GPS function, instant messaging, a movie player (though not sure what format the movies would be in, but since it runs off a modified version of Windows CE I suppose it's probably like MS Media Player,) etc, all the baloney that new handhelds are supposed to have. Games can be installed though a MMC/SD card or downloaded wirelessly. I have yet to see a company that makes any of these new handhelds quote a price on their wireless service. Yeah it might be cool that you can get a new game anytime you want, anywhere you want (nice to not have to worry about the store not having it) but just how much is this gonna cost? I have a feeling that just like the NGage, Tapwave Zodiac, and PSP this thing is just gonna cost too damn much to sell very well.

As of this writing (March 14th 2005) the Gizmondo still has five days left to go before it finally ships on the 19th, although it already has shipped in Europe, where it's getting bootie stomped by the Nintendo DS. Estimated street price is in the $300-$400 range. So much for me getting one any time soon.

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Tiger Telematics




About 20



400 MHz

Data Width

64 bit

Video Output

64-bit graphics acceleration

Max resolution (external)

240 x 320

Sound Output Mode


Input Device

Trigger, Face buttons


2.8 in TFT active matrix