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THE RANT: This system was one of the more successful early Gameboy competitors. System came out around 91' or 92' and was made by Quickshot, Hartung ( the one I've got)  Videojet, and Bandai among others. The only differences between consoles is the color and style of the case; all the games from the various systems should be compatible with each other. There are two versions; the first looks more like a traditional Gameboy, the second has this like bendable joint below the screen. The point being I suppose that you could adjust the screen to get better light. Seems like a good idea, but while playing it I've never once used this feature. Also there is a TV hookup type thing that lets you play Supervision games on the big screen SuperGameboy style. I've never been able to find it though. There's around 40 games available. 

THE GOOD: Supervisions aren't that hard to find and are usually not too expensive. My Hartung version cost about $25.00. Games are semi-decent, with the usual Tetris clone and puzzle games and a few better shooters and fighting games. 

THE BAD: Screen is crappier than the Gameboy's. It doesn't seem to blur as much but most of the time the animation is somewhat choppy as a result. The system doesn't seem to have the capability of playing more than one sound at any given time. Every time there's a sound effect it blocks out the music. System is also made of very cheap materials. 

THE UGLY: A poor kid waking up on Christmas morning in 1992 and getting a Supervision. I'm sure he's on drugs now. 

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