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PC Engine in a Laptop

Yet another extremely valuable and highly collectable piece of video game goodness that I'll never be able to afford. I've got to start playing the lottery or something.

This console is basically a super-duper version of the PC GT (TurboExpress in the states,) and is compatible with all the software released for the console version. Unlike other game companies who go the el-cheapo route with their handhelds *cough Nintendo cough,* NEC has always made their stuff out of the best components the market has to offer. Has a highest definition liquid crystal display available in 1992, works with the PC Engine CD, has add-ons to turn it into a computer monitor, TV turner, you can even hook up an external source like a DVD player or VCR to it and watch it in the car.

However having two portables that did essentially the same thing didn't fly too well in the sales department so only crazy videogame people who need to have one of everything bought one. True to the videogame-rarity-irony clause of the universe, the fact that it sold like a log means that getting one today is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Every once and a while one pops up on Ebay and goes for around $15,00-$4,000, depending on condition.

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