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KF 2000

Pretty generic looking clone of the Original Game Boy. Screen looks slightly crappier. General layout of the console seems pretty unchanged, and in fact is strikingly similar to the Super Beautiful GB clone (which is problably the same thing as this.) Minor variations in the case (the addition of those vertical lines, different grill over the speaker, recessed buttons, different crosspad.) The volume control is on the left side next to the port for the link cable (as opposed to the bottom for the OG GB) and contrast is on top near the cart slot. All in all the whole thing looks a little cheaper than a regualr GB, which it problably is. Compatible with OG Game Boy titles only, availible from Xinga.com for about $50, although I don't see why anyone in their right mind would want one of these unless your're a crazy collector person like me who has to have one of everything.


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KF 2000






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