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Another failed attempt to challenge the Gameboy



Videojet Gamemaster, as distributed in France



THE RANT: So once again I got this thing from a guy in Europe (the Netherlands this time.) I suppose these companies had better sales in Europe than in the US. I'd never even heard of this thing until about a year ago; Who knew there were so many hand-helds out there? This is another failed attempt to challenge the Gameboy, from what I understand it's also a Gameboy clone with a few internal workings moved around to get around copyrights. The unit is Game Gear sized and has two fire buttons, start, select, and crosshairs. Actually it looks like they just took the Game Gear shell and repainted it. Screen is in black and white. The one I have seems to have something wrong with it, like there's these horizontal lines that appear from time to time. Don't know if that's a problem with all Gamemasters or just mine. I've got two games, Falling block (Tetris) and Pac boy and Mause, which is like Pac-man mixed with Puzzle Penguin. There's 40 or so games for this machine. 

THE GOOD: Ummm.... 

THE BAD: The screen is in black and white and sucks my log. The games all seem to suck ass also. Plus since the only place to find these things it seems is in Europe you have to pay a shitload in shipping costs. 

THE UGLY: Spending $60 on this thing ($25 just for shipping,) waiting 8 weeks for delivery, then playing Falling block. Then, kill yourself. 

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