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Portable NES


Pink NSTC version (top) and blue PAL version (bottom) 


Another portable NES with it's own screen! Essentially the same thing as the Game Axe but in a smaller GBA like case. Can be hooked up to your TV and also has a second controller port for two player games. The screen is a TFT display which is a lot more clearer than the Game Axe screen. Released originally in Europe but the blue version works with American NSTC games. The cartridge slot is the normal GBA slot but it uses adaptors (similar to the DR. Boy adapter) to interface with carts.

Bad stuff: The adapter you have to use with this thing makes the cart stick out at a 90 degree angle, which means it wobbles all crazy with every button press and could lead to the blinking screen of death.

Any game with voice samples doesn't seem to port over well (as the sample seems to overload the other sound channels.)

An adapter for US NES games was annoucned but so far hasn't been released, as well as there's no AC adapter.


Advantages over Gameaxe/Pocket Famicom:

Easy to find, cheap, clearer screen, good cart with lot of games included.


Funky adapter, no AC adapter, sound is screwy


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Game Theory Admiral






comes with 76-in-1 multi cart

Famicom compatible


TFT color display

Stero Headphone jack

4 AA batteries

uses propriatary adpater to play famicom/NES carts