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Portable Famicom for the whole family!

Stole this pic from a website that said "unknown source," which means he probably stole it too, so I don't feel bad. 

Gamate TV input

THE RANT: This is probably one of the coolest items in my personal collection. The Game Axe is a portable Famicom (Made by a company called Redant) with it's own screen. With an adapter you can play NES games on it. That alone makes it a totally cool system in my book. The system has a pretty good screen, albeit a bit blurry. At least it's in color and backlit. The Volume gets pretty loud too. For some reason you can turn off the backlit screen without turning off the system. I don't know why you would want to do that though, but still if I ever need to for some reason the option is there. Playing NES games via adapter has some problems as the adapter they sell you (separately) is a piece of garbage and if you don't hold they system right it can lose contact, screwing up your game and giving you the blinking screen of death. But I tried it with various import Famicom carts and they all work fine. Sometimes it's hard to read text on the screen, but whatever. The system itself is huge, like two Atari Lynxes stacked on top of each other, and It's made out of somewhat cheap ass materials, but what the hell do you expect form a prate company. There's a controller port for two player games, although I can't imagine two people huddling over this little thing trying to play Contra or something. Don't know if it works with the Light gun, robot, powerpad, U-force, etc and I don't care. First introduced in 1989, then made a comeback a few years ago. 

THE GOOD: You can play all your favorite NES games on the go. Also has standard AV hookups, so you can hook up a VCR, DVD player, or even a PS2 and play it on your Game Axe. I don't know why you'd want to do this as those LCD screens are getting pretty cheap, but it's a cool feature none the less. Read somewhere that there was a TV turner also but haven't been able to find it. System is pretty easy to find on Ebay or Yahoo Auctions.

THE BAD: The thing eats eight AA batteries in like 3 hours. This is 1989 technology here so don't be surprised. The screen while backlit and in color is kind of shitty. It's a little blurry and makes things hard to see sometimes, but it's adequate enough. Although it's not hard to find it's pretty expensive, I paid $89 for the machine and $14 for the piece-of-crap adapter. The adapter they sell sucks ass, I'm trying to cut the bottom off an NES cart to try to stabilize it but so far It hasn't worked. If anyone knows of an el-cheapo adapter that works good then let me know.

THE UGLY: The ridiculous Engrish that litters the box. Something like "Super game for playing for the whole stupid family" or something. I could go look at the box and quote it exactly, but I'm tired. It's no 6:19 a.m. and I need to go to work soon. I need to sleep.



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