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Soon to be released Handheld from Korea


Freeon shown at the KAMEX 2003 show ( Korea game coronation)


Could only find one page on the net about this console, and it was in Korean. I can not read Korean. I am sure it is a beautiful language but I can't understand it. I lagged for so long in putting this page up because I wanted to have some concrete info, but I don't, so I will have to use logical conjecture and heresy. From other sites this thing is supposed to hit sometime at the end of 2004. No doubt it will have wireless capabilities, bluetooth, and perhaps let you play mp3s, dvix movies, etc, all the stuff that new handhelds do today. From the pictures it looks like a version of Starcraft is in the works for this system, as well as a windows-like operation system (the blue boxy version on the left.) A very nice looking handheld, if they ever decide which model to use finally. I hope they go for the one in the middle, the top one looks to fragile to me, the rest look just straight lame. If anyone could direct me to a site with more info I would appreciate it. 

2/15/05: Info is still pretty sparse on this machine, confimed it can play Mp3's, Mpeg 4, and bluetooth.

On a few Japanese game sites I found the above pics (which were liberally "Borrowed.")

It's been over a year since it was announced so it's a good bet it's vaporware. The Nsig website is still under construction.