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Cybiko orignial                                     Cybiko Extreme console. 

Cybiko Extreme MP3 player

THE RANT: So this thing isn't really a game machine, but it's pretty cool none the less. It's basically a scaled down PDA targeted at teenagers. Various functions include date book, Memo pad, wireless chat (although I've never found anyone with another Cybiko to chat with,) etc. The games are pretty primitive (since most of them are under 1 meg,) with a quality comparable to first generation Gameboy games (simple platformers and shooting games,) or cell phone games (like snake, breakout, etc.) Where this system really shines is that 1) There's like 300 games available to download for free and 2) There's free development tools to make your own games and apps. So I went to the website and got every game I could get my hands on and I still see new ones now and then. Games are stored in flash memory through a PC cable. The Cybiko Extreme (pictured) features more memory and optional MP3 player, which I've never been able to find though.

THE GOOD: System is cheap, like $25-40 bucks, all the games are free. You can find this machine on Ebay any given day of the week. You could conceivably get more use out of it than just a games machine, but I don't see anyone past Junior high school using it for any type of work. But I guess that's who it's marketed toward, so that's ok. I'm not even sure if you can get these in stores anymore, but the website seems to be going strong. 

There seems to be an abnormal amount of homebrew going on for this machine (see link at left.) There is also an emulator floating around there somewhere.


THE BAD: Don't expect a GBA. The games are pretty small in size, and most are pretty primitive. I have seen a few good platformers and even a side scrolling beat'em up, but most of them are simple diversions. Graphics are in black and white, and sound is of the PC sound card "Bleep Bleep" variety. 

THE UGLY: The Keybaord is too teeny weeny to be of any use. I can't imagine blasting someone then typing "LOL U SUX 3====(> n00b!" with it.


The Unofficial Cybiko Dev site

Everything from free games to hooking up your CYbiko to control robots.


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Over 300


Main Processor:

32 bit, 11.059MHz Hitachi H8S/2241 RF

Link Coprocessor:

Atmel AT90S2313, 4 MHz


512 KBytes (V1) / 256 KBytes (V2)

File Flash:

512 KBytes, extendable up to 1 MByte V2 units effectively have more File Flash space (~80K more) because the CyOS is stored in CyOS Flash.

CyOS Flash:

None (V1) / 256 KBytes (V2)

LCD display:

160x100 dots, 59x40 mm, 4 level grayscale RF transceiver:

RF2915 Expansion cartridge slot:


PC connection socket:

RS232 serial port


5.7" x 2.8" x 0.86"


4.3 oz