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As of yet unreleased handheld designed by TTPCOM with direct competition to the N-gage in mind.

The idea here is that TTPCom will just manufacture the hardware and liscense it out to different companies to slap thier own brand name on it, so you could have several different versions of the B'Ngo with different capabilites.

Comes with an impressive array of features, including built in digital camera, Bluetooth, mobile phone capabilities, can play MP3's, MPEG 4 movies, and has 3D sound via headphones, download games on the fly, plays Java games, etc. And (get this) it's supposed to retail for TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. Yeah, Ok. I got a bridge I want to sell you.  

But still, Twenty five bucks for a game console that does everything the N-Gage is supposed to do? Well, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is, but still there's been a lot of talk about this thing in the gaming press. My guess is that it'll cost you $25 for the system, then like the mobile phone service will be totally expensive. Don't get me wrong, I'll be the first person to nab one because my cell phone is a piece of dinosaur garbage and if I can have a dope cell phone with real games on it all the better. But wild ideas like this never seem to happen. This thing has vaporware written all over it. 

Update 1/04/05:

Well, this thing was supposed to come out in Q4 of last year, and sure enough Q4 has come and go, and no B'Ngo. Which is really too bad, becasue I was sorta looking foward to having a decent game phone for less than $200.

However TTPCom is still up and running and updating daily, so who knows.

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100 (supposedly)

6 built in games


Colour backlit LCD (TFT 176*220 pixel, 16 bit colour depth, more than 65k colours)

GPRS Multislot Class 10. Class B operation

Advanced Messaging (SMS, EMS and MMS)

Integral Digital Still Camera (DSC)

Triband (900MHz /1800MHz/ 1900MHZ)

Compatible with C++ and Java games


WAP 2.0 Browser

Predictive Text Entry T9T

Polyphonic Ringer for Midi ringtones

Selectable screen-savers and screen wallpaper