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Videomaster Star Chess



Here we have an odd "Pong" console, which doesn't play pong at all - as the name suggests this particular machine plays one game, called "Star Chess." It's a version of arcade style chess (similar to Battlechess in concept) that uses spaceships and the like.

This game however is the same Star Chess that is availible for the Emerson Arcadia and assorted clones, as well as "Videomaster" was in fact the same company as "Voltmace," who made the Voltmace Database. So chances are the insides of this particular console is just another striped down version of the Arcadia 2001.

The console itself looks pretty standard for the time, two hardwired controllers (the furthermost grey oblong rectangles on the sides there,) on/off switch, volume control, etc. The sound for the game comes out of a speaker on the console and not the television.

Why a whole console just for Star Chess? Who knows, but apparently the game was rather good, and played like a simplifed version of Archon but in space.




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