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First Generation Consoles



Pongs is a catch all term to designate those first generation consoles released in the 1970s which are based around the  General Instruments AY-3-8500 chip. These consoles are distinguished from PC-50X consoles in the fact that the games are all built within the console.

Generally the games contained within any particular Pong console are variants on "Pong," i.e. Tennis, Hockey, Football, and other bat & ball type games. Later Pong consoles began to diversify with driving and light gun games.

By 1977 the market was saturated with literally hundreds of different Pong consoles. Demand began to wane for the machines as arcade games advanced with better graphics and different styles of games. The release of consoles with programmable ROM cartridges such as the the Fairchild Channel F and Atari 2600 made pong consoles obsolete overnight.

All the links below will not be active right away. In fact this page will probably never be "finished" as there are new Pong consoles discovered all the time.

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APF Match
Alex Videospiel TG-621
Atari Pong
Atari Super Pong
Atari Stunt Cycle
Atari Video Pinball
Audiosonic PP 800
Audiosonic PP 900
Audiosonic PP 920
Audiosonic PP 940
Audiosonic Telesports III
Bently Compuvision
Blaupunkt TV-Action
Binatone TV Game Unit (model n° 01 / 4990)
Binatone TV Master 4 Plus 2 (Model N° 01/ 4869)
Binatone TV Master Mark 6 (Model N° 01/ 4907)
Binatone TV Master Mark 8 (Model N° 01/ 4823)
Binatone TV Master Mark 10 (Model N° 01/ 4834)
Binatone TV Master Mark IV (Model N° 01/ 4874)
Bingo TVG-203
Conic TVG 101-4
Conic TV Sport TG 621
Coleco Telestar #6040
Coleco Telestar Alpha
Coleco Telestar Colormatic
Coleco Telestar Marksman
Coleco Telestar Ranger
Coleco Telestar Classic Model #6045
Dazzla 007
Entex Gameroom Telepong
First Dimension Video Sports TV Games
GHP Wonder Wizard
Glorytone Electronics
Gulliver Triple Challenge
Grandstand Adman 2000
Hanimex 677
Hanimex 7771
Hobbytron Videoalvo
Intel Super Telesport(D-688/36)
Interton Video 2400 (Germany)
KÖRTING Telemultiplay 6000
Lem 2000
Magiclick Teleclick
MBO Teleball
MBO Teleball II
MBO Teleball III
MBO Teleball IV
MBO Teleball V
MBO Teleball VI
Mentor Colour 6
Monarch CTX-4 Color
Norda TV Game H-925
National Semiconductior Adversary
Nintendo TV Game 6
Phillips ES 2201 Telespiel
Odyssey 100
Odyssey 200
Odyssey 300
Odyssey 500
Odyssey 2001
Odyssey 2100
Odyssey 3000
Odyssey 4000
Paddle IV (unknown manufacturer) (Pic 2)
Panoramic Telematch
Pizon Bros Visomatic 101
Poppy TVG -4
Prinzitronic Tournament Ten
Radioshack TV Scorebaord (Pic 2)
Roberts Rally IV
Sears Telegames Sports Center
Sears Telegames Pong Sports IV
Soundic TV Sports
Tandy TV Score Board
Telegames Pinball Breakaway
Telegames Pong IV
Telejogo II (Brazil)
TVG 101-4
TV Challenger
Unisonic Tournament 150
Videomaster Star Chess
Videosport MK2
Zanussi Ping-O-Tronic (Japan?)