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Unique German Arcadia 2001 clone


Tchibo Telefever box and manuals. Pic borrowed from some German website. I like sauerkraut. 


I wouldn't say this console is Unique because it's an Arcadia clone, but the way it's set up is certainly unique. First off it's not just a brown shoebox with controllers like all the other ten billion Arcadia clones out there. The actual console is contained within the player one side, and the second player controller is daisy chained onto that one. It's made out of thick plastic, definitely isn't cheap and won't break if you drop it. Nice to see some variation finally in these Arcadia clones. Only problem I see is that if you break the joystick your game console is rendered inoperative (on the player one side that is.) If I have to have one of these this is the one I'd get.

Thanks to Ioannis Douloumis for additional information.


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