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Here we have a Brazilian Clone of the Colecovision. Made by a telephone company (called of course, Splice) this console takes the award for cheapest looking clone of all time. It's mounted in a hobby kit box, the type that is commonly available in any electronics store. They must have saved a lot of money one that alone. The controllers are screwy, as in some of the buttons don't seem to work ( However as most of the Colecovision's games only use a few of them this probably isn't a problem.) Plain yellow, didn't even kick down for a decent paint job. Still, it is interesting as a collector's item as it's one of the few Colecovision clones out there at all, let alone that it was manufactured in Brazil itself (instead of being imported from the far east.) Surprisingly there was also a Splicevision edition of the 2600 adapter, it's self contained in the same ugly yellow hobby kit casing as well. Very, very, very rare and probably worth a lot of money.


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