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Shinco 868


Pics and Info thanks to Assemblergames.com


Here we have a DVD player that also plays Megadrive games, a pretty cool combination. Comes with a disc that has 300 Megadrive games. Games are encoded with some strange Hong Kong format, so you can't just burn a disc of ROMS and play, however it's probably not that hard to figure out how to crack it. It's also a region free DVD player, and plays MP3's, VCDs, SVCDs, etc, all the usual stuff. Runs around $200 and is currently availible on various Hong Kong Websites.


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DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP3 and Audi CD's

Plays Genesis/Megadrive games Via Disc ROMS

Digital Theatre System (dts)

10 bit Video D/A Converter

Dual-microphone input

Karaoke channel selection

1 Optical Digital Output

1 Coaxial Digital Output

1 Component Output

1 S-Video Output

Channel Stereo Audio & Video Out for DVD (PAL or NTSC)

Plays DVDs from all regions, even RCE protected DVDs