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PTG 2600

Little itty bitty 2600 clone


Little tiny 2600 clone, similar to the Mega Boy. This one has it's own cart slot and connects to the TV wirelessly, and you actually connect the wireless receiver thingy on the right to the back of the TV (instead of having to tune into a certain channel like other wireless clones) so you should have no problem getting it to work with a modern TV.

I would love to have something like this because ever since I saw Benjamin Heckendorn's 2600 portables site I've been dying to make one myself. Problem is I can't hack game systems to save my life (plus I'm lazy) so If I could get something like this and just slap a screen on it all the better. Anyway, I believe this is a European system, but 2600 carts are too primitive to effectively notice the difference so it should work with 80% of American 2600 games. Not that anyone cares.


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