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Pongs that use cartridges

Game Consoles that use dedicated GI chips

So instead of having ten thousand of these things all over the place I've decided to put them all on one page since they are all essentially clones of the same machine. For those of you who don't know these are game consoles from the early days back when Pong machines were the norm. Although the very first game console ever introduced the concept of interchangeable carts for some reason the idea didn't catch on too quick and for a few years all-in-one Pong consoles were the norm. Problem was that once you got bored of Hockey, squash, football, or whatever and you wanted to play a tennis game or something then you had to buy a whole new system. Hard to imagine that Pong systems used to cost hundreds of dollars back in the day. So the public hungered for new games and so many companies made consoles based around the General Instruments PC 50X series of chips, which are essentially the same games found on the normal pong consoles. However some variation was introduced via this method.

As time went on the games got more complicated than the usual pong variations and started including racing and light gun games. However with the introduction of consoles that used Roms for true programmability these systems became obsolete overnight. For some reason there seems to be oodles of these things all over Europe, mainly due to the fact that Europe didn't see the immediate release of the Atari and Intellivision consoles, which gave indie companies more time to sell their own (cheap) systems. These systems are easily identifiable by the presence of ten buttons or switches that select the game modes. Graphics are essentially pong, and sound is of the bleep bleep variety.

Audiosonic Telesports IV United Kingdom
Acetronic Color TV Game United Kingdom
Binatone Superstar United Kingdom
Black Point New Zealand
Bodenfund Programmable Video Game United Kingdom, Northern Europe        
CAT Programmable TV Game ????
Color Casseten Spiel Germany
Dick Smith Y-1160 Austrialla
Grandstand Color Programmable United Kingdom, Northern Europe
Haminex SD 050 (070) United Kingdom
Haminex TVG 070C United Kingdom
HGS Telesport Switzerland
MBO Teleball Germany, Netherlands
Mercury Commander Mark I United Kingdom
Mercury Commander Mark 3 Italy
Novex (aka Ingrosol Battle Command) Italy
Optim 600 Northen Europe
Popy 9015 ?????
Popy TVG 10 Germany
Palladium Tele Cassetten Game Germany
Phillips ES2201 Germany
Phillips Telespiel Germany
Prinzitronic Tournament 2000 United Kingdom
Radofin Telesports 3 Hong Kong
Sanwa 9015 ?????
Sheen 48A (pic1, pic2) ?????
Sipo United Kingdom, Hong Kong
Teleng Colorstars United Kingdom, Hong Kong
Teleplay 150 Germany
Unimex Mark IX (pic1, pic2) France
Univox Jeu Video Interchangeable France
Videomaster Color United Kingdom


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