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American Version of the Sega Wondermega


A Megadrive/Sega CD in one unit, similar to the Sega CDX. This version is the American version of the Wondermega (and was actually released in Japan under the name Wondermega II.)

Problem was that this thing originally retailed for like $499, which was more than a normal Genesis and Sega CD combined. It was only produced to fullfill part of a deal with JVC for developing the Sound chip on the Sega CD. Thus once again according to the Videogame rarity-Irony clause of the universe, since it sold like a log it is now a super duper collectable. Go figure.

Also had SVHS output and a Karaoke feature. Still pretty rare today- unboxed units sell for about $80 while complete can be as much as $200 depending on condition.

Other crap about this console:

-The power supply for this console is standard JVC Model Number AA-S95J AC Adapter, 9.5v which however has been discontinued.

- Orginal Japanese retail price (in 1993) $650. Yikes.

- The JVC controller is just a standard Genesis 6 button controller with the words "JVC" painted on it.

- Sega's own CDX unit undercut the sales of this machine, which apparently they weren't very serious about marketing in the first place.

- The X' Eye is compatible with the Sega 32X, however the bulk of the 32X hangs over the CD lid, making swapping discs for games such as Night Trap hard to do (thanks to Kaleb Seay for the information)

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Megadrive/Sega CD compatible


$500 US