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Xavix Xport main console

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Baseball controller

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Jackie Chan action boxing. Chan is the man.



A new game system from former Nintendo programmers and engineers. This console is unique in the way that the games themselves each come with a motion sensitive controller. So the Bowling game comes with a bowling ball that you actually swing around, the baseball game has a bat that you hit the ball with, etc.

Actually the "guts" of the system (as in the microproccessor) are contained within each individual cartridge, and the console itself only acts base station. Thus each game can take advantage of improving technology to make the graphics and sound better, and there's no need to upgrade the actual console unit.

So far there are four games, each with thier own unique controlling device: Baseball, Tennis, Bowling, and Golf. Graphics and sounds seem to be around the PS1 in quality, but it's the playability that is the draw here anyway. Upcomming games include Bass fishing and two Jackie Chan fighting games, one a Boxing simulator and the other a DDR style game where you walk like him (?)

The Port console itself is roughly PS1 sized and isn't much to write home about as far as looks go. System is cartridge based (which are roughly the size of SNES carts) and hooks up like any other game system. The cart slides in the top with the label facing outwards, covering the square that says "Xavix port" on top of the console.

There seems to be a greater push towards this kind of motion-interactivity in games (ala the Eyetoy or the Revolution controller) and it's good to see smaller companies taking advantage of technology to give some variation in the gaming scene.

Availible at most Toy/Retail stores for about $80, with each game cartridge around $59.


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Xavix Xport








Cartridge ROM


CPU is contained within each controlling device