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Semi-handheld from Nintendo, exclusively for the Chinese market. The machine is essentially a scaled down N64 that attached to the TV power player style. This machine was created for one purpose: To get revenue from the pirate market. Seems like some people in the Nintendo corporate hierarchy finally got some brains and realized that people all over the world still enjoy games which they released years ago, and instead of running over pirate consoles with bulldozers they should try to get a piece of the action themselves. 

Thus the machine itself is cheap and the games (which come on flash media) cost about $5 - $10 each. Games include N64 and SNES favorites from years gone by, translated into Chinese.

There's some weird anti-piracy stuff here (as China is the home of all our favorite illegal Famiclones after all,) each unit only works with the flash card assigned to it to prevent downloading of games. But the advantage is if you have to delete a game the info is stored on the card and you can download it again for free.

Machine comes with Dr. Mario built in, as well as a 10 hour demo of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, 7 hour demo of Mario 64, and 1 hour demos of Waverace and Starfox 64.

Well, will it work? Personally, I think no way. In Asia and South America the Pirates run the show. They have advertisements on TV and  run their own game shops, even put out brand new software. So Nintendo goes five bucks, they'll go three, etc. Now if they would just release it here...



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10 at launch


Uses 64 MB flash cards

SNES and N64 compatible