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Here we have what is essentially a gaming PC aimed specifically at the console market. From the official press release:

" The system will also boast amazing graphics supported by the Sapphire RADEON HDMI X1600 Pro graphic card. The Sapphire RADEON X1600 Pro has 12 pixel pipelines that provides the highest graphics performance in its class even for shader intensive gaming. Equipped with 128MB of DDR3 memory and this model features clock speeds of 500MHz (core) and 800MHz (memory). Other key features include customized liquid cooling system, built-in biometric fingerprint reader and digital video recording features."

So, apparently you won't be able to just buy these in stores, each console will be specifically made to order. That's a pretty good idea from a business perspective, although the high price - $675 - might force this into a niche market. However that price range isn't too bad for a pre-packaged computer like this, and a "bare bones" system only runs for $399, a little closer to a traditional game system price.  Games will be delivered via the EVO Direct gaming service, similar to the ill fated Phantom console of 2005. Still not sure how I feel about this concept; As a collector I prefer to own a physical copy of whatever game I purchase, however the convenience and practicality of delivery via download cannot be denied in this day and age.

Apparently in addition to playing PC games the machine will also record and play back TV ala a Tivo-like device, will feature a video-on-demand service, as well as have it's own media center type applications for your own movies and music, etc. It also comes standard with an 80 gig hard drive and even has a biometric lock-out feature to keep your little brother from ruining your game saves.

Well, will it work? Ten years ago I would have said no. However home computers seem to be drifting ever closer to becoming "media center" type devices themselves, and with the advent of HD televisions that can actually exploit higher resolutions it's now possible to build such a device for a halfway decent price. So there is a chance such a machine can find a market in today's environment.


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