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Play PC games on your TV




As of yet unreleased TV console game system that would allow you to run any PC game on your TV made by Digital Interactive Systems Corporation (DISC.) In fact it was DisCover technology that was licensed to VIA to make the Apex Extreme PGC, however there are more in development from companies like SVA, Kinyo, ABS computers, and Hyundai electronics. As of this writing the only other "confirmed" DisCover system is the  Alienware Media Center PC. PC games can be played without having to be "loaded," that is installed on the hard drive, allowing anyone to pop in a game CD and play it instantly like any other game console. The system accomplishes this by including a huge library of DLLs which auto-update through an internet connection of some kind (although knowing game companies you will probably have to buy CDs or disks or something at $50 a pop.) Various machines from different companies with have different abilities, from low end game-only consoles to Expensive DVD player combinations. It will be interesting to see if the licensing approach actually works this time (as it's failed with consoles like 3DO and CDI in the past,) plus the variations of DisCover consoles will be nice to have. Still can't help but think that owning one of these is going to be cool.

Imagine playing Half Life on your big screen TV, then switching over to your favorite NES emulator. No more worrying about your big brother hogging the computer all night. However at a $499 price tag I think the general gaming public is going to need a little more convincing.

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DISCover (to be liscenced to various other companies including Aleinware and Apex




PC compatible


Different consoles will have different specs (DVD support, etc.)