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Gaming sites:

The Famiclone: Run by fellow Assembler board member Sh3-rg. The O.G. Famiclone site on the web, and one of the inspirations for my own.

Assembler.com: Where I get all my information from. People on the Forums are actually cool and don't screw with you.

GSCentral.org: Great source for console game hacking and game writing tools and resources, a ton of material to go through and knowledgeable community. Holds the largest database of Action Replay, Game Genie, GameShark, Codebreaker, and X-Ploder codes on the web.

Japanese Gaming: Gaijinpunch brings you the best games and info from Japan.

Segagaga Domain: Packed with tons and tons of Sega stuff, plus the Retro Core TV show

El Meuso De Los 8-Bits: In depth Video gaming site in Spanish

Press Start: Very nice Game Console website, great desgin. Covers game console collecting from an Austriallian perspective. Definitley worth checking out.

Atariage.com: The #1 site in the world for Atari info.

Pelikonepeiloonit - The Artic computer and Console Museum - These guys OWN. An incredible collection, and another inspiration for my own site.

The Strange (And Rare) Video Games page - One of the O.G. rare console sites on the net, and another inspiration for my own. Fabrizio is the man.


Hawanja.com, original home of the Ultimate Console Database. Movie reviews, social commentary, funny stuff, and the Hawanja webcomic.

Hawanja on Deviantart.com

Hawanja on Myspace

Hawanja on Comicspace

Hawanja's Temple Of Abject Stupidity

Froggy's Revenge on Google Video and Youtube

Thomas With a T on Youtube

I shaved my legs for this : Site run by my sister and her ultra-cool friends. Got something about the "Okra family," Whatever the hell that is. Excellent website design.

The Great God Contest: Put the question to end once and for all

TOP WEB COMICS: Cool site with tons of webcomics. Click the banner below to vote for Hawanja.com! 

Onlinecomics.net: Another cool site with tons of online comics. Click here or on the graphic below

OnlineComics.net - A Directory of Online Comics



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