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Obscure Italian Multimedia device 


Pics and info thanks to the Strange (and Rare) video games page.

Strange looking "Multimedia" console released in Italy in 1995-96. In the early 90's there was some kind of trend to try and make an all-in-one box that you could play games on, use as a computer, surf the web with, your kids could do their homework on it, etc. many different machines tired to fill this niche, like CDI, 3DO, Tandy VIS, the Amiga CD 32, all of them tried to be game systems that doubled as a computer, and all of them failed.

Info on this particular machine is very sparse. It was apparently only available in Italy for a very short period of time. Used a modified  Windows 95 operating system. Two versions were released, one with a Pentium 75MHz processor, the other with a Pentium 133. Has an infrared keyboard and mouse and was supposed to work with any standard PC compatible devices. Lack of an upgradeable hardware and operating system spelled doom for this machine as it was obsolete in less than a year. The computer-and-game-system-in-one concept has been reborn recently with new consoles like the Apex PGPC, Discover, and Phantom. 

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