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Nice self contained Famiclone




THE RANT: It's a pretty nice self contained clone in the style of the Lite Star Handy boy or Play power TV. There is also another variation of this machine called the "Rumble Station" which is essentially the same thing but with a rumble pack installed. It's about the size of a Dreamcast controller, with regular and turbo A and B buttons on the right side with reset slightly above them and the cross pad on the left. There is an "analog" stick which does the same thing as the cross pad (like a little thumb stick stuck on there to make it look cool.) Games can be controlled by both. Start and Select are at the bottom as well as a slider which selects player one or two. The unit is well put together, not made of the cheapest materials on earth, and has a cool semi-transparent blue case. The AV plugs are hard-wired to the unit. Has 25 built in games. The menu select screen features a weird little mascot that looks like the moogle from Final Fantasy.

THE GOOD: Most of the games are good, and most of them look like originals. First is a port of Bejewled which is probably the best game on the machine, the graphics are nice and you can choose different things to use instead of gems (like flowers, candy, etc.) There's a few maze games and a few shooters (which all seem to me to be hacks of the same shooter with different sprites. One has bugs, another spaceships, another planes, etc.) The only unchanged famicom game I recognized was a port of a game called Blazing Lasers on the TG16 (the name of the Famicom version escapes me.)

THE BAD: The shooter games are all short, and most of them don't even have endings.

THE UGLY: Not a bad little machine, you won't get more than a few days enjoyment out of it though. Might be a nice gift for the kids who haven't seen these type of games before. As mine only cost me $8.95 I think it's a good deal.


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