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Yes, these are actually my pics.


A small little portable famiclone with it's own built in screen. Vs Maxx has plenty of the famiclone-inside-of-a-controller type models, it's about time someone made one with a screen.

When I say small, I mean small. Like four inches across with a one and a half inch square screen. It is very clear though, all the games look pretty good with readable text and no visible blur. Console comes in three different models, with 25, 50, and 75 games respectively. Sadly none of the games are any good. Most of them are very simple shooters or puzzle games. A lot of them seem to involve shooting or catching things as they fly by (catching flies, shooting baloons, catching fish, etc.) They are in fact the exact same games that come in all the Vs. Maxx famiclones, nothing much to write home about. The best it has to offer is a game similar to Bejewled called Move Fun, but instead of jewles you can choose shapes, fruit, faces, etc.

Console is very light and probably couldn't survive the kind of beating the intended age group would put it through. The buttons are somewhat cheap, Still for $29.95 it's a neat little gadget.


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Comes in three models with 50-75 built in games.