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Famicom and disk system in one

Famicom Twin Red and Black versions

Famicom Twin (console & disk system in one)

The Ultra Super duper rare Orange Version

Japan is a wonderful country. In Japan one can buy video games at convince stores (like the Japanese equivalent of a 7-11,) win them in those claw games at an arcade, or pick them up by the dozen in many small used game shops. In the 80's when Nintendo was king of the hill a disk drive system was released for the Famicom. One could go to an ATM-like kiosk IN THE STREET, pay five bucks, and copy a game onto a disk. They were doing this while here in America we had to bug our parents to take us to the stupid mall and buy the same damn game on cartridge for $50. Games with memory back-up like The Legend Of Zelda and Metroid debuted on disk, as it was easier to just have the game save to the disk instead of an expensive back up battery. Sadly the famicom disk drive is the reason that Nintendo is so afraid of piracy, as people figured out a way to copy disks and sold them on the black market, effectively turning this into the one machine that was probably killed by Piracy (note that no games console has had it's sales outside of Asia significantly impacted by Piracy since. Asia is the exception because there the governments are so corrupt that the Pirates run the show. When the pirate version and the regular one are put on a shelf next to each other people tend to go with the real thing simply because it's made better and will last longer, except for people like us who collect pirate junk.)

Sad thing about all this is that many of the disks now are hitting the magic 20 year mark where the data starts to fade, so the pirate cartridge versions of many disk games that weren't officially released on carts may be the only versions left in a few years.  Anyway this is actually a licensed clone made by Sharp which combined the disk drive add on with the normal Famicom into one machine. Beware if you get one of these because the disk portion tends to wear out with years of repeated use, however directions for repair are not too hard to find. The red one seems to be more rare than the black one, unless it's the other way around. I don't know; I am hungry now. I need food.

You can usually find these on Ebay for about $100 or on various HK import sites.


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