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Famiclone with 50 games


THE RANT: I've seen these things all over Ebay but I've resisted paying $25 for a Famiclone in a controller that doesn't have a cartridge slot. The other day I found one at my local Kaybee for $12.88 so I broke down and got it. Well, it's a pretty decent machine, kind of. About the size of a Dreamcast controller. Very light. There was something wrong with the cross pad so I actually took it apart to try and fix it. It amazes me just how simple these machines are. Just a few components and three "glop tops" covering the famicom-on-a-chip. Anyway I think I screwed it up because after I put it back together the screen got all scrambled and now it doesn't work right (glad I kept the receipt.) Has 50 games, and for a change they are all different games, not 50 variations of the same game. The upper A and B buttons are turbo buttons, the lower just normal single action. Very simple. 

THE GOOD: It's nice that all the games are actually different from each other. Some of them are even fun, like Bomb Man (Bomberman hack,) or Ninja Fighter (Kid Nikki.) 

THE BAD: The rest of them pretty much blow. They are mostly hacks of very primitive first generation famicom software, the stuff that was so bad it never made it to the USA.

THE UGLY: The control pad sucks. It has problems going down and right. However I might have just gotten a defective unit (I'm going to exchange it tomorrow) so this might just be a problem with mine.

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