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Power Player 3D Station


Reader Alex Gass writes:

Hey, I enjoy your site, and I figured I would contribute to the Famiclone section of your site. It's called the Power Player 3D Station and it's the newest Famiclone to hit eBay and wholesalers. It looks kind of like the Alien Famiclones, and it has 86 games built in. The ones I can recognize are: Urban Champion, Clu Clu Land, Pinball, Popeye, Lode Runner, Balloon Fight, Donkey Kong 3, Zippy Race, F1 Race, Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer, Excite Bike, Binary Land, City Connection, and Nuts and Milk. The only difference is that they have new graphics and now look really, really ugly. Attached is a pic of the system and controller. Interesting fact, the controller actually has rumble, but only for the built-in games.


Thank you Alex!


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Power Player 3D Station



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