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Keyboard, lightgun, and joypad

Dance mat




Comparison of clone (right) with 14 inch Television (Cat not included)


This page is by Special Guest Reviewer and forum moderator Wolverine DK:

The famiclone is about 12 inches tall, it has two joystick ports, one for the joypad, the other for an extra joypad or the mouse. The keyboard port is in the middle, possibly the same as in a Subor famiclone (or let us call it subor compatible). The onboard stuff is minesweeper, solitaire, and something else, I can´t remember. Then we have the music part thingy, which has a player with 21 melodies in it, some of them known to me and some unknown. And then there is music composer too, which is a synth you are playing with.

In the pain department we have a face making program (meaning you change the nose, ears hair thickness and so forth on a human face). And then there is a drawing program that can animate too, that I have read on a Russian rom dumping site, which has the Russian rom of the PC KID 3 famiclone "OS". Then we have the famicom basic package, which has Basic and some other basic help program to some pictures and stuff. Then we have edutainment, where you have to guess, about an African country. And some other stuff.

Anyway to the game cartridge, there we have Contra, Castlevania, and 62 other games on it. and the background music on that cartridge is Edelweiss, not really my favorite song.

But thank goodness, I have a few other pirate cartridges. But all in all it is a great famiclone.

And here is an overview of the built in software (from the manual)

1. PC Word V 2.1
2. PC Sheet V 2.1
3. PC Contact V 3.0
4. Learn to Type (Basic)
5. Learn to Type (Advanced)
6. Learn to Type (Editor)
7. Face Changer
8. PC Tunes
9. Calculate 24
10. Spin It ! Math
11. EZ English A
12. PC F Basic
13. PC G Basic
14. Timebombs
15. Puzzle Fun
16. PC Composer
17. The Card Game
18. Memory Flash
19. Find Me
20. EZ English B
21. PC Paint V. 1.1
22. PC Architect V. 2.1
23. Touring Africa
24. English Test


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Built in software

Famicom compatible


Comes with Dance pad

"Windows" like operating system