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DVD Player and Famicom clone! 


Wow, now this is what I'm waiting for. It's a region free DVD player, plays VCDs, MP3s, CDs, and also comes with a disc with 300 Famicom games! Hell yeah! System has it's own screen liquid crystal screen or can be hooked up to a TV. Has a zoom in feature, has hook ups in the back for other devices (like say, a VCR or PS2,) it's small (compare it to the controllers to get a sense of the size,) it's made out of metal and not cheap ass plastic, it's portable, it makes my wee wee jump up and down with joy! Controllers look like they hook up through USB connection, which would make me think that they might work on a PC as well. Just a thought.

Problem here is the price; Haven't seen one for less than $300. Yikes. But I suppose $300 is about what you'd spend on a portable DVD player anyway, so why not get one with a famicom built in? Not sure if you can burn roms to a disc and play them (like if the roms are encoded in some funky way) but 300 games should be enough to satisfy. Currently on Ebay, do a search on "TV game" under the DVD section.

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