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Thanks to Yakumo for the pic.


Yet another goddammed Polystation. For the love of God, just how many of these damn things do we need? How much of the planet's resources do we have to waste manufacturing these pieces of garbage? Aren't there starving children and stuff out there who could like use the extra plastic to make shoes out of or something? Can't we think of any better way to drive this pathetically lackluster global economy than by taking twenty year old hardware and essentially slapping it into a different colored box? I swear to God, if I see another dammed Polystation I am going to go out and kill every living thing on Earth with my bare hands, personally, so that nothing can ever possibly evolve into a high enough life form as to manufacture Polystations again. These people have to be stopped.

Of course, I don't own one personally yet, so I'm keeping my eyes open. You'd think these things would be falling from the sky by now.

Oh, the console. It's a Polystation. Blah Blah Blah.



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Funstation III "The Poly Machine"


Some Chinese factory that chains people to the walls and holds thier families hostage so they can plauge the world with this stuff




Famicom Compatible


Another Polystation. I am going to kill myself.