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Digitron Wireless Xtreme



Blatant famiclone knock-off designed to fool people who are looking for a Wii but are too stupid to know the difference. As far as clones go however, this one looks pretty nifty.

We have two Wiimote-style controllers that actually look like they'd be rather hard to use - the A and B buttons are on the bottom there, so I'm assuming you'd have to hit them with your other hand? What it looks like to me is the vertical, telephone style controller that was popular in the early 80's but that made any game that used it nearly unplayable. So essentially they took what is perhaps the world's best video game controller layout (the NES) and turned it into something resembling the worst (Colecovision.) Yeah, I'm sure people are lining up to get this one. On the plus side they are wireless, so what the hell.

Console mimics the Wii from the styling and controllers all the way down to the games, it comes with a 7-in1 "sports pack." What is even stranger for such a blatant clone like this is that it's being sold openly in North American stores (!) although I doubt you'd be able to find it in any reputable toy store, check swap meets, mom and pop type places, smaller game shops, and "99 cent" type stores.

You can also find these online at sites such as Dealsdirect.com currently for around $40.


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