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Famous Russian Famiclone

Dendy in box.

A Blue Dendy

Dendy Jr. Looks more like a normal Famicom. 

Pic courtesy of Obscure Pixels


THE RANT: This is the one famicom clone that I actually own. I ganked the pic off ebay because my digital camera is a piece of garbage. One day I'll pony up and buy a new one. The system is a Russian famicom copy, made by a company called "Linko." I understand that it was so widely sold there that the word "Dendy" became  synomomous with "video game," like "Hey Vladimir, let's go play some Dendy games." The system is made from possibly the cheapest plastic ever created, so don't drop it. The controllers are totally cheap as well, with no heft or weight. Feels like you could tie a butterfly to it and watch it float away. The eject mechanism is like this strange spring loaded lever thing that is somewhat hard to pull, and since the system is so light you have to hold it with one hand while pulling the lever with the other, leading to the fear that the cartridge might fly out of the slot like a rouge cork from a bottle of champagne and nail someone in the head. That would be cool. The light gun is equally cheap, also it looks just like a real gun. Here in the states all toy guns have to look like toys, that way a cop can't use the excuse "The kid had a gun" when he decides to off a couple of grade schoolers. You could rob a bank with this light gun.

System takes standard Famicom carts. The cart that comes with it says "300 in one" but only has 300 variations of the same four games. Also I think it's a Pal system because the hook-ups look weird and it has that strange European two pronged plug thingy. I've been meaning to go over to Radioshack to get a converter but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I doubt I'll have much problem getting it to run on my TV though. 

THE GOOD: Haven't play tested this thing yet, so there's not much to say. The controllers have built in turbo. The pack in cart worked fine in my Game Axe. Also the whole thing only cost me five bucks.

THE BAD: It's made out of really, really cheap materials. Don't drop it, touch it too hard, or pass wind in front of it. 

THE UGLY: From the box: " Unloading the cartridge, push cartridge ejector gently." Then prepare to die. 


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