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Xsi from the Ukraine writes:

I was browsing you famiclones page and couldn't find the machine of my childhood - the "Kenga Ken-Boy." It's a famiclone, widely available here in Ukraine back in mid 90s. It was my first ever video game console and I've got the sweetest memories of it.

As you can see on the pics this is a joystick-like monster with a cartridge slot on top. The second controller is connected through the port on the bottom of the thing. AV and DC are also there. It accepted the same type of cartridges as the infamous "Dendy." It was long ago, but as far as I remember, it felt pretty comfortable to hold it in your hands, despite it's size. the materials used didn't seem to be too cheap, and overall the construction was quite durable. The main draw back, discussed at the time, was it's inability to be repaired. It's OK while it works, but if it dies, it's probably dead for good. Inside of it was a motherboard with a few capacitors and a large black-drop-chip in the center (and some built-in-controller-related-stuff). that's all I remember. The system served me for like 3 years. And it was played to the extreme, believe me :) But after that, something went wrong, and one day it just refused to turn on. Later it dissappeared...probably gone to trash. So I can't provide any original pictures...but I found those nice ones on some russian forum :)

well...that's the story. Hope you find this useful :)


Thank you Xsi for the pictures and info.


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