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Alternate Box Art

FC Twin with Super Game Boy

Internals of the system

Comparison with a real NES and Snes.

Pics courtesy of Cheese007


NES/SNES combo clone found in the United States, which is no suprise now that Famiclones are "legal" here. About the size of a Mini Snes. Works with Snes gamepads but incompatible with the NES lightgun.

From the Assembler Forums:

"It's a 2 in 1 NES/SNES clone that's about the size of a mini-SNES called the FC Twin. The best part? American cart slot, meaning NO MORE CONVERTER! It also takes original SNES controllers and special accessories, such as the Baseball bat for Super Batter Up (it actually works pretty well). Worst part? I'm pretty sure the NES is a NOAC and it doesn't take standard NES controllers, meaning no Duck Hunt or any other Zapper games."

Thanks to Cheese007 pics and info.




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