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In 1982 RDI released the first laserdisc arcade game, Dragon's Lair to a stunned audience. I was six years old when Dragon's Lair came out. I remember it well, I thought it was the most amazing thing. It was a cartoon that you could control. Although at that age I had no idea how to play it the whole idea just blew my mind.

It must have blown a lot of other people's minds because the people at RDI actually thought that consumers would spend $2500 to play them at home. This system had a lot of crazy capabilities for a home game console at that time, such as voice recognition A. I. where you could program it to recognize over 100 words and proposed control modules to let you control various electronics throughout your house. Kind of like in Back to the Future Pt.II where you just say "lights on" and the lights come on. That would be cool, walking around and just saying "Make coffee, channel eleven- Simpsons, check e-mail, etc." and it all just happens automatically.

Anyway it must not have been cool enough to justify dropping two and a half grand because nobody bought this thing. It might have sold better if more than two games got released for it (NFL football and Thayer's quest .) Funny how we now have affordable DVD players that can play Dragon's Lair type games with no problem but no one cares any more. Perhaps it just wasn't technologically feasible in 1981 to make a machine like this and yet still have it be affordable.






RDI Halycon






2, with 4 more unreleased