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Might be true handheld, might be a cheap LCD game. I don't know


Okay, so I saw this up on ebay. The listing was for ten of these units, like you could buy them cheap from this guy and resell them for a profit. The opening bid was fifty bones (and the item was in Australia) so I didn't bid. Most of the machines were of those cheap "Block-zone" type of deals that seem to have taken over the world lately. But this particular machine seems to take the two cards bundled with it. There was another different colored machine in the same auction that had two different cards with it (I lost the pic. Sorry.) I e-mailed the guy about the display and he said it was a dox-matrix screen and not an LCD. So it technically fits the criteria for being a handheld game system. Is there anyone who can read what's printed on the backing, because I really want to know. I've been looking all over the place for units like these (import stuff like this is easy to get in the fabulous Los Angeles toy district) but I haven't found jack squat. Nobody on the internet seems to have a clue either. It's a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

These two were also included in the auction. They appear to be only single player LCD games, still might be useful in figuring out who made the above machine though. 



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Might be a true handheld, might be a cheap LCD game. More info is needed.