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Snes backup device




SNES copier from out of the far east. These devices let you "save" games that normally don't have a save function (like say, an action title) but thier main function is to act as backup/copy devices. So the more tech savy of you out there can use one of these to dump ROMs for the rest of us to download.

Of course, if you can copy your own games, that means you can also play other people's copied games, which has relegated these machines into a "grey" area for years. Not exactly illegal to own, not exactly legal to use. The rarity and doginess of such devices have made them collectable.

This particular machine is one of the earlier ones that competed with BUNG backup devices. Writes to standard 3.5" inch disks, and can store up to 7 complete games in DRAM, even when the machine is turned off. Menus are in either English or Chinese. The machine is not DSP compatible and also doesn't run any FX games (like Starfox) and also seems to have problems with later games like Mario Cart. The machine also can write BRAM right to a cart.

Menus are text only and not very user friendly, but games load automatically when on the "Run" menu. One of the two slots on top is for standard game cartridges, the other is for additional decives (extra RAM maybe?)

The Run menu of couse, runs games. The Disk menu allows you to save or erase what's on the current disk. Tools menu lets you save game data without running it right away, and also has a "password" option.

When a cartridge is inserted another menu pops up that will let you copy the game to disk or into the internal RAM.

The later "Supercom Partner Turbo" comes with standard parallel port so you can dump straight to your pc.

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